Wholesale Opportunities with HobbyLink Japan

HobbyLink Japan Wholesale Opportunities

We are experiencing issues with this page. If you are looking for the wholesale login page, you can find this here: https://wholesale.hlj.com/vendors/

HobbyLink Japan is pleased to offer wholesale pricing to dealers or resellers who meet some basic requirements. If you would like to discuss with us further the possibility of beginning wholesale purchases, please send an e-mail with a description of your business, and what sorts of products you're interested in, to dealers@hlj.com. Our experienced wholesale team will reply to you promptly with more details about our wholesale program.

Wholesale Department Staff
  • Knowledgeable in international shipping methods.
  • Can advise on ways to decrease shipping costs.
  • Will work with customers when it comes to packing preferences.
  • Excellent product knowledge.
  • Responds promptly to inquiries.
Customer Support
  • Provide prompt updates of the latest releases as they become available for preordering.
  • Advise as to the various shipping methods available, as well as the costs and benefits of each method, including:
    Shipping MethodsUPS, TNT
  • Accept payments by:
    Payment Methods
  • Can provide watermark-free product images to help you promote items in your shop.
  • Orders viewable online to check item availability as well as shippable merchandise total.
  • Near Future: dedicated wholesale website allowing online order placement, product searches and more!
Timing from Order to Shipment
  • Orders entered automatically within minutes of submission by the customer.
  • New orders processed to show availability first thing the next working day (Japan time).
  • Upon receiving agreement from the customer, immediately start packing for invoicing.
  • Invoice sent as soon as possible once packing is complete (usually within two business days).
  • Shipment sent as soon as possible once payment is received (usually same business day).
  • Shipment delivered within 4-5 business days to most regions if shipped by Federal Express or EMS priority Airmail.
A few of the many Japanese brands we supply
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